Organic Search Case Study for Exterior Building
Materials Company

Authority building generated over 95% increase in year-over-year traffic

Client overview

HB Elements is a proud American manufacturer that creates a variety of components that complete an entire exterior trim building system. A system comprised of PVC, creating Millwork and molding as well as brackets, rafter tails, columns, louvers and trellises.


Keyword strategy, On-Page Optimization, Authority Building, Content Lead Generation


keyword rankings in top 2 positions on Google


Increase in Organic Traffic


Increase in domain authority


Increase in new users from YOY traffic

The Challenge

In the build materials industry it can be hard to find new customers since it usually relies on relationships. This proposes a question: how do you position your product to compete for builders that already “know the landscape”?

To establish itself as the preferred manufacturer, HB Elements needed to build out a wide-scale search presence; so they turned to ClearRank to help them get there.

The Strategy

To tackle this challenge, ClearRank laid out a plan to elevate the client’s level of organic traffic. Our efforts were focused on creating keyword-rich blog content to target new customers who may not know the products. Organic traffic would serve as the north star metric; however, we would closely monitor keyword rankings, impressions, and conversions as additional indicators of performance.

The Results

We’ve successfully increased organic traffic by over 800% – driving revenue through the roof. The blog posts continue to bring in thousands of visitors a month, with most previously unfamiliar with HB Elements. We’re proud to have over a dozen keywords in the top 3 rankings.

As they discovered the high quality products made, HB Elements converts their warm leads into sales with an easy-to-follow sales funnel on their website.

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