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for Instant Food Delivery E-commerce Company

Content strategy generates over 1391% increase in new users


Direct-to-consumer e-commerce store that runs on the Shopify platform.

They make good-for-you meals with clean label ingredients in flexible transparent packaging at reasonable prices. The aim is to make healthy eating quick and easy, wherever you need it.

The Challenge

This Instant Food Delivery Company started as an e-commerce store that needed help to increase its online visibility. Their website was relatively new and needed to improve its authority to compete against well-established websites within the food delivery industry. As well, their website was lacking a keyword strategy to define what type of products they were selling.  

The Strategy

First, we audited the website and did a competitor analysis against different types of competitors who were selling similar products and were experts in their niche. Then, we separated their products into different diet lifestyles and created different websites for each lifestyle.

At the same time, we ran a technical analysis to make sure that they kept a good health score, fixing broken pages and adding missing on-page elements.

The content was the most important part of our SEO strategy. We first developed a Pillar and Cluster content model, using “diet lifestyles” as our main content pillars. 

Based on our main content pillars, we did keyword research and suggested new content-related topics for articles and recipes. We began our content production by creating in-depth research-based content outlines that the topic and all related topics.

After that, our writers produced the first batch of articles and blog posts. After some time, these content outlines were shared with the company’s in-house writing department, and we would optimize the content before publishing. 

The content was constantly monitored and re-optimized every 3 months to make sure it was still the highest of quality and with better chances to rank in the search engines. 

As a Shopify-based website, we also needed to improve site speed so we provided in-depth instructions to the client development team on what factors needed to be improved to increase site speed.  


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Increase in Organic Traffic


New Keywords in the Top 3


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New Keywords Associated w/Site

After a 12+ month campaign, we’ve successfully increased new users by over 300% driving record levels of revenue and growth to the company. Their SEO optimized blog posts continue to drive thousands of users to the website each month; complemented by our steady & strong increases in keyword rankings — with over a dozen in the top 3 results.


91 new keywords in top 3 results!

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Increased Metrics

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Christopher Jane
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Our Google authority ranking has seen a 40%–50% increase since working with ClearRank. We also now have a number of blogs that rank on Google’s first page, and those drive thousands of visitors per month to our site.