Organic Search Case Study

Baby Food Company

Our Strategy Helped 83 High Volume Keywords up In Rankings

Client overview

This nutritious Baby Food Company offers a selection of whole food, nutrient-dense products including puffs, purees, smoothies, and more!

The Challenge

The main goal of this nutritious Baby Food Company was to improve their website’s visibility and search engine ranking to attract new visitors, without relying solely on paid advertising. Although the website started out with a solid foundational level of authority, they were competing with other well-established brands that had been doing SEO for many years. 


The website needed a full SEO strategy, including proper keyword research and on-page optimizations for all product and collection pages, technical improvements, and backlink authority to specific target pages to improve rankings. Additionally, the website needed a content strategy for high-quality, relevant, and optimized blog posts.

The Strategy

We performed a keyword and competitive analysis and added primary and secondary keywords to all products and collections pages. We optimized all on-page factors to make it clear to Google exactly what each page was about.

We also performed a website quality audit and identified technical errors. We provided in-depth recommendations to the client’s development team for site speed improvements and missing schema.

During our research, we found out a content strategy would be a huge play to increase the website’s traffic. We developed a Pillar and Cluster content model to organize content topics into groups and interlink them to improve the user’s experience and connect relevant topics. We then provided the client keyword target options to approve and began our content outline production process, to ensure it would be of the highest quality possible and have the greatest chance of ranking highly. We performed in-depth research-based content outlines that covered not only the target keyword but all related topics to that keyword. We delivered these outlines to their in-house writing team and once the content was completed, we re-optimized the content before it went live. 

At the same time, we outreached to blogs and websites within their niche in order to network with industry leaders, acquire backlinks, and increase the brand’s authority and backlink profile.

some of our services for Baby Food Company


Keyword Strategy


On-Page Optimization


Authority Building


Content Lead Generation



High-Volume Keywords up In Rankings


Increase in Organic Traffic


High-Volume Keywords in Top 3


Increase in Keywords in Top 3 Results

Baby Food Company achieved significant growth in new users, revenue, and overall company expansion. Their blog posts, optimized for SEO, continue to attract a high volume of traffic to the website. Moreover, they experienced steady improvement in their keyword rankings, with multiple keywords ranking among the top search results.

93 keywords up

New Keyword Rankings For Baby Food Company

Traffic boost